On 8 October, when she left Bollywood, claiming religious reasons, Sana Khan, who achieved fame with her stunning
roles in the film “Jai Ho” and the TV show “Bigg Boss,” took social media by storm.

She also had a significant break in February with her ex, dancer Melvin Louis, whom she had suspected of cheating and domestic abuse against her.

A Gujarat-based guy named Anas Sayed was tied the knot in an intimate ceremony on Friday by Bigg Boss fame Sana Khan, who quit the entertainment industry last month. Sana Khan revealed the wedding on Sunday in an Instagram post.

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Sana Khan came as a shock when she got married to Mufti Anas. On social networking sites, the clip of Sana’s marriage went viral, with many comments coming in.

Sana and Mufti Anas are seen moving down the stairs in the viral clip as they pair in white and hold hands.

Sana glowed with happiness as she flashed her bright positive vibe. By cutting a cake together the happy couple began their life beginning.

Some were shocked by Sana’s hush-hush wedding, while others were delighted with the former actress.

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